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Employee Protection (Whistleblower) Policy

Badger is committed to our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and we expect all employees to comply.

Our Employee Protection Policy is established for employees who, in good faith, wish to disclose potential wrongdoings in the workplace without fear of reprisal against them.  Badger will commit to thoroughly investigate all potential wrongdoings disclosed in good faith in strict confidence.

Ideally, when an employee has a good faith concern they will speak to their direct supervisor as often this is the party that may best provide remedy.  If the employee is not comfortable with this arrangement, they are free to take their matter to any other member of management (see below for a list of appropriate contacts) or, in the case of questionable accounting, internal financial controls, audit or other accounting issues involving executive officers of Badger, to the Chair of the Audit Committee.

Please feel free to use the following contacts:

Human Resources issues.   


Tannis Singletary – Human Resources – tsingletary@badgerinc.com

United States:

Dona Manship – Human Resources – dmanship@badger-corp.com

Nancie Fleurimont – Human Resources – nfleurimont@badgerinc.com

Questionable Accounting, Internal Financial Controls, Audit or Other Accounting Issues.

Jerry Schiefelbein – CFO/Vice President Finance – jerry@badgerinc.com

Catherine Best – Audit Committee Chair – catherinebest@shaw.ca

All other items.

Paul J. Vanderberg – pvanderberg@badgerinc.com

Whistleblower contact for Executive Management Independence.

Glen Roane – Board Chairman – glen.roane@gmail.com  

Whistle Blower – Badger Daylighting Ltd™

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