What is Day Lighting?

How does Hydrovac Daylighting Excavation Work?

Hydrovac Excavation vs. Hand Digging & Air Vacuum Excavation

Daylighting is a term used to describe the uncovering and exposing of underground utilities and pipelines to daylight, hence the term daylighting. Hydrovac daylighting is used to improve project safety, increase productivity, and lower project costs.

Traditionally, the uncovering of buried lines has been completed by hand digging and, more recently, by air vacuum excavation.

The Badger Hydrovac System is a non-destructive method of excavation which replaces conventional hand diggingand air vacuum excavation techniques. The key advantages of hydrovac excavation vs. hand digging or air vacuum excavation are safety and speed.

In medium density soil conditions, Badger can expose a pipe or cable buried 4’ deep in less than 4 minutes, while the same task could take 40 minutes to complete by air vacuum excavation, and hours to complete by hand digging.

Increased utility excavation productivity means customers can complete more work in a day, thereby lowering overall project costs and increasing project margins.

Additionally, studies have shown that hand excavation is responsible for as much as 20% of all utility damages in North America, whereas hydrovac excavation is non-destructive.

The Badger Hydrovac is utilized in a number of general excavation and cleaning applications, including: Daylighting or potholing of buried pipes and cables, piling holes, pole holes, trenching, service repair pits, culvert cleanouts or other debris removal, tank cleaning, and shoring installations.


Powerful vacuum system removes debris

The Process

Badger’s hydrovac system incorporates a combination of systems – water, pressure and vacuum – combined in one self-contained, mobile excavation unit. Water is pressurized and injected into the ground through a handheld wand to safely wash away the soil from around underground infrastructure. The resulting slurry is simultaneously vacuumed from the excavation through a large debris hose and temporarily stored in a debris tank.


Self-Contained Mobile Excavation Units



Why is it Used?

This non-destructive type of excavating is quickly becoming recognized as a best practice when working in areas with underground utility congestion and frozen ground. The Badger Hydrovac virtually eliminates any chance of damaging utilities, which may often be inaccurately located and marked on the surface. All aspects of Badger’s service and equipment are designed to enhance safety on the job site, increase productivity, and raise the level of customer satisfaction.


Pressurized Water Wand