Utility Sector

conduit excavation in urban area
60 feet of asbestos conduit exposed and cleaned
Total Work Time: 2 hours
water line installation
400 feet of 18 inch deep slot trenching for water line installation on landscaped property with minimal damage.
Total Work Time: 7 hours
utility pole holes
Utility pole holes
Minimal ground disturbance, no utility conflicts and maintains ground integrity

Badger’s Hydrovac service helps utility companies and contractors find new ways to save money and improve safety in the Hydro Electric and Utilities industry.

Proposed utility pole holes and service pits are often located in the municipal right-of-way, which is congested with underground infrastructure. The vacuum hydrovac is up to five times faster and 50 percent less expensive than hydraulic powered trenching machines or manual digging. In addition, the risk of damaging fibre-optics, gas pipelines or energized cables is virtually eliminated.

With hundreds of miles of pipes, cables and wires buried beneath city streets, it is almost impossible when hand digging by pick and shovel to avoid disturbing these lines. Our hydrovac excavation units operate in hard-to-reach locations and congested urban areas where conventional digging technology is unavailable.

Badger can assist with the inspection and frequently occurring repair of aging utility infrastructure. In the utility sector industry, for example, Badger Hydrovacs have been used in applications including:

  • cathodic anode installation on watermains
  • directional drilling test holes for trenchless technology
  • curb-box water valve repairs
  • culvert and manhole cleanouts

During winter construction, coal burning or other expensive ground thawing devices are often required before manual excavation is possible. Each Badger Hydrovac unit carries a coiled heater capable of heating water to 150°F. This allows the Badger to excavate in frozen earth through any depth of ground frost, thus significantly reducing digging time, and eliminates noxious emissions and fire hazards associated with thawing.

Badger Hydrovacs can compliment and assist backhoes in many trenching applications. They also provide the operators with a clear line of sight to buried lines. By minimizing ground disturbance, backfill and restoration costs are also greatly reduced.

Badger has experience in dealing with the challenging needs of the Utilities industry and our hydrovacs are the ideal solution for cost-effective and safe excavating in urban situations.