Productivity Benefits

Some examples of Badger’s efficiencies in the electrical utility industry include the following:

Pole Holes:

  • 50 pole holes: 51cm (20”) diameter x 2.1m (7’) deep in one day (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
  • Pole hole: 2.7m (9’) deep x 61cm (24”) diameter in medium clay – twenty-three minutes
    (Enersource, Ontario)
  • Pole hole: 2.6m (8½’) deep x 61cm (24”) diam eter in soft clay – fourteen minutes
    (Hydro-One, Ontario)

Slot Trenches:

  • 122m (400’) long slot trench x 10.2cm (4”) wide x .9m (3’) deep: Completed in nine hours
  • 7.9m (26’) long x 51cm(20”) wide x .9m (3’) deep trench: Completed in sixty-five minutes
  • Average daily productivity with no frost is approximately 76m (250’) to 91m (300’)


  • Directional drilling test holes: twenty-two locates located 39.6m (130’) from the curb and one service pit: Completed in ten hours – (Integral Cable Contracting for Hydro-One, Brampton, Ontario)
  • Thirteen utility pole holes dug 61m (200’) away from the truck – 45.7cm (18”) diameter x 1.8m (6’) deep – seven-hours in sandy clay. $150 per hole
  • Dug 60 test holes for underground services in 10 hours. (Other facts: 3′ deep: Good, accurate line locates. All in a row; Good digging.) (TW Johnstone, London, Ontario)

Some additional information that may be useful for electrical concerns is highlighted below.

Winter Capabilities:

  • Coil Heater: Each unit is equipped with a water heater, which is capable of heating the water to 65.6°C (150°F) and can therefore excavate through any depth of ground frost.
  • Winterized Compartment: All key components are enclosed and protected in a heated compartment for reliable year-round excavation in severe winter conditions.


  • Remote Excavations: We are capable of excavating up to 122m (400’) from the truck.
  • Slot Trenching: Trench sizes can be as narrow as 7.6cm (3”) and up to 9.1m (30’) deep depending upon the soil conditions.
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