Why Customers Choose Badger


Badger’s safety standards are developed and implemented by an in-house team of safety professionals. Our safety standards meet or exceed those set by many oil and natural gas producers and large utilities. Badger’s experienced, thoroughly trained crews have a proven ability to work safely around all types of utilities, including energized cables.


The Badger Hydrovac System incorporates technology that allows it to achieve productivity many types of vacuum excavators can’t match. Increased productivity reduces project timelines and the total project cost for customers, while improving safety at their job site.


Field experience provides Badger with an invaluable source of ideas for improving the efficiency and safety of its hydrovacs. As a result, the Badger Hydrovac design incorporates many unique features to achieve performance levels above those of other vacuum excavators, including truck-mounted units, trailer units, industrial cleaning units and sewer flushing trucks.


At sites with limited access, the Badger Hydrovac’s long water and vacuum hoses – plus its powerful vacuum – enable crews to work more than 600 feet away from the truck and dig at depths greater than 40 feet. In fact, Badger recently assisted with the de-watering of a 500’ deep mine shaft. The Badger Hydrovac System is also designed to work effectively in all soil conditions, including tough clays, rocky soils and frozen ground.

All-Season Versatility

Badger Hydrovacs are designed to excavate frozen ground in extremely cold conditions. The Badger Hydrovac uses a coiled heater to produce hot water for liquefying frozen ground, while vital components are protected from the elements and heated. These features enable Badger to provide safe excavation solutions year-round.

Precision Savings

Badger Hydrovacs excavate with precision, leaving a clean hole that requires less restoration work. Daylighting can significantly reduce the customers’ restoration costs, which can amount to more than 25 percent of a utility project’s total cost.


Badger’s expertise extends beyond its best-in-class hydrovac technology. Before work begins, Badger Managers develop an excavation plan for each job site. Badger’s field staff are experts at integrating hydrovac services with customer operations, ensuring the customer gets the most value out of Badger’s services.


Today, Badger Daylighting’s™, fleet of more than 1000 hydrovac vacuum trucks provide excavation services to more than 100 US and Canadian locations and their surrounding areas. Badger has the largest fleet of hydrovacs operating in the United States and Canada. Badger’s fleet size and broad geographical deployment result in quick response times for customer service requests. Badger’s toll-free, central dispatch coordinates each excavation project for customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Many companies find that subcontracting their vacuum excavation is a cost-effective solution that eliminates risk and increases productivity. Badger supplies well-trained equipment operators and top-of-the-line hydrovacs for all types of excavation projects. Badger’s Customers enjoy the convenience of picking up the phone and having a Badger unit show up anywhere in the United States and Canada.


Why Customers Choose Badger – Badger Daylighting™