Badger has extensive experience supporting projects in coal and gas-fired generating stations, in nuclear plants, and on wind and solar farm projects.

Any time work is to take place in an existing facility, constructors must deal with challenges both above and below ground. Badger’s remote excavating capability allows us to excavate more than 600’ away from the truck, providing customers with an industrial strength safe excavation option for areas with limited access. In addition, Badger’s non-destructive nature makes it the right choice for excavating in areas known to have buried pipes and cables.

In one example, a customer needed to expose 300’ of cable tray that was installed in the 1960’s. The customer had initially budgeted 15 days to hand expose the cable tray. In searching for ways to improve project results, the customer decided to try Badger. The Badger Crew worked diligently to complete the work safely and exposed the entire cable tray in 2 days.

The bottom line: the customer saved 13 days on their project timeline, and there were no little nicks or cuts to the existing cables.

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