Oil & Gas


Oil & Gas – Badger Daylighting™

The Oil & Gas industry places tremendous importance on safety and the integrity of underground infrastructure.

To achieve this goal, non-destructive methods of excavation are required to expose existing infrastructure prior to machine excavation. Today, many facility owners and pipeline operators go even further and specify that all excavations around buried facilities must be performed by hydrovac excavation.

As a result, Badger’s hydrovac service can add value to projects in various segments of the Oil & Gas sector, including Production, Pipelines, and Refineries.

pipeline_img1 Badger makes quick work of pipeline crossings. With accurate locates, a Badger Operator can daylight a pipeline buried 8’ deep in 10 to 30 minutes. pipeline_img2 Badger’s speed and non-destructive nature make it the right choice for larger excavations, such as inspection pits. Badger Operators can hydrovac between 3yd3 and 5yd3 per hour and add a precise slope to create a safe workspace. OIL-&-GAS---PIPELINE---PIC-3
production prod_img Badger’s network of offices covers the oil patch. From Pennsylvania to South Texas to Northern British Columbia, Badger has a fleet of hydrovacs standing by to service drill rigs. Badger has multiple trucks available on a 24/7 basis to assist with frac tank cleanouts and rig cleaning. OIL-&-GAS---PRODUCTION---PIC-3
refineries A refinery project called for a large area with numerous buried facilities to be excavated. Badger deployed multiple units to lower the grade by 6’, thereby exposing the buried network of pipes and structures.