Hydrovac Truck Excavation





Badger Daylighting provides hydrovac excavation services to customers across the United States and Canada. Hydrovac excavation is a non-destructive method of excavation that uses pressurized water and a powerful vacuum to quickly and safely expose buried pipes and cables.


Engineering, Construction and Maintenance Crews all have the same objectives; getting the job done safely, on time, and under budget. However, the need to work around buried facilities poses a risk to the health and safety of workers and can negatively impact project margins.

Since 1992, Badger’s hydrovac service has helped customers accomplish their goals. The Badger Hydrovac provides a safe and efficient alternative to conventional methods of excavation. Not only does Badger’s service enhance workplace safety, but it has proven that it can help increase customer productivity by more than 300%.

Today, Badger Daylighting’s™, fleet of more than 1000 hydrovac vacuum trucks provide excavation services to more than 100 US and Canadian locations and their surrounding areas.

Use the links below to learn how Badger’s hydrovac solutions add value to projects in a wide variety of industry sectors: