Badger traces its success to two main factors: equipment and experience.

Each Badger unit is manufactured in-house and then put into the field with trained operators. Unlike traditional trailer-pulled backhoe units, Badger’s excavators are powerful and efficient machines designed specifically for excavating large volumes in minimal time. Saving time for a contractor means saving money – and Badger delivers.

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Badgers provide a cost-effective and safe excavating solution around energized lines. In hard-to-reach locations, Badger can dig by remote access up to 122m (400’) away. Their precise excavations preserve landscaped property, minimize ground disturbance and greatly reduce backfill and restoration costs. Applications can include power pole holes, trenching and test holes.

Hydrovac excavators are typically used for exposing crossings (daylighting) and slot trenching, primarily for contractors who do construction and maintenance work. Badger excels anywhere performance is crucial, and specializes in extreme situations where typical vacuum excavation equipment has limited success. This includes deep holes over 9.1m (30’), high volumes (thirty plus daylights per day), and slot trenching as narrow as 7.6cm (3”) wide and up to 91m (300’) per day. Other unique applications include utility pole holes, excavations inside buildings, debris removal, and the sinking of shoring cages over buried facilities up to 8.5m (28’) deep.

Extreme winter conditions pose little challenge for Badger as our units carry onboard heaters capable of heating the water to allow excavating in frozen earth to any depth of ground frost, thus eliminating the need for ground thawing.

We promise our customers the absolute highest productivity provided by experienced and professional crews. If we can’t increase our customer’s productivity, save time, improve safety and ultimately save them money, then we shouldn’t be there. Badger consistently proves their effectiveness for non-destructive excavating in the most difficult congested grounds and challenging conditions. The company is currently involved on dozens of ongoing projects across Canada and the United States including DOT work, fiber optic installations, refinery maintenance, and pipeline facility work.

Many companies find that subcontracting their vacuum excavation is a cost-effective solution that eliminates risk and increases productivity. They don’t want to buy a vacuum excavator, maintain it, train employees to run it, mobilize it and then find it can’t perform on the jobsite. They’d rather pick up the phone and have a Badger unit show up anywhere in the United States and Canada.