Maintenance and Installation Services Pits

Maintenance and installation service pit excavation

Badger excavated service pits serve a variety of functions in the oil and gas and electrical and water/sewer utility industries. The main benefit of using the Badger hydrovac to excavate service pits is time saving. Badger can excavate two service pits per hour using air excavation and four pits per hour using water to excavate.


  • Water meter pits
  • The communication industry requires service and splice pits
  • Maintenance pits
  • Installation service pits
  • Service pits for line fault repairs (electrical industry)
  • Service pits for tie-ins (gas industry)

New construction and installations

Badgers can safely expose both known and unknown buried utility lines as new gas lines and tie-ins are installed. The main applications are:

  • Slot trenching for installation or investigation
  • Service pits for tie-ins
  • General daylighting
  • Directional drilling test holes

Maintenance and Installation Services Pits – Badger Daylighting™

Service pits are utilized in a variety of industries