Industrial Sector

conduit excavation in urban area
Rotational boom gets into hard-to-reach places.

Whether it is power generating facilities, water filtration sites, or industrial plants, they all share the same common element of having a significant amount of underground lines, cables and pipes necessary for their operation or process.

Accidental damage to these existing facilities during scheduled maintenance, plant expansions, turn around or emergency repairs can result in significant delays, loss of production, injury or property damage. Badger Hydrovacs eliminate the risk associated with excavating in and around the existing underground infrastructure. As well, by utilizing our remote digging applications, Badger can successfully excavate in congested areas, inside process facilities or where overhead obstructions such as pipe racks, would make the use of conventional excavators or augers impractical. With safety as Badger’s number one priority Badger Hydrovacs are a natural solution to an excavation situation in any industrial setting.