Hydrovac Excavators Safer, Faster than Backhoe Excavation

Before you dig, consider your excavation options

Badger Daylighting’s mobile hydrovac excavation systems offer many advantages compared to traditional hydraulic powered trenching and excavation machines. Our excavator systems use water and vacuum technology to quickly and cleanly blast through dirt and rocks to expose pipeline, utility and electrical systems or to open the ground for future work. Digging trenches using general excavation techniques also poses potential safety hazards when excavating around buried gas lines and hydro utilities. The Badger Hydrovac provides a safe and non-destructive alternative to conventional backhoes or other mechanical means.Hydrovac Excavators improve productivity and safety

Badger’s most obvious advantage is speed. Excavation projects that previously took days can often be completed in hours. Equally important is safety: using hot or cold pressurized water to excavate and expose buried utilities such as gas, electrical or phone services significantly reduces the risk of damage.

Protecting the environment
Environmental damage and restoration costs are also significantly reduced using Badger’s hydrovac system because surface damage in the surrounding excavation zone is greatly minimized.Badger’s hydrovac technology is not limited to traditional shoring and trenching:Our Excavation Services

Industrial Hydrovac Applications

Badger’s hydrovac excavator systems service a wide variety of specialized excavation, trenching and shoring jobs:

  • Oil and gas industry: tank and pipeline cleaning and pipeline trenching
  • Utility sector: Piling holes and pole holes
  • Communications: Slot trenching
  • Environmental: Debris removal and cleanouts
  • Construction: Shoring and slot trenching

Many companies find that subcontracting their vacuum excavation is a cost-effective solution that reduces risk and increases productivity.