Hydrovac Capabilities


There is a wide variety of vacuum excavation equipment available to industry today. There are trailer-mounted units and truck-mounted units. There are units that dig with air, and units that dig with water.

The common denominator to all types of vacuum excavation equipment is that they are designed for non-destructive excavation. What differs will be the equipment’s capabilities and rate of productivity.

The Badger Hydrovac System is a highly capable vacuum excavation system that has been designed to work effectively in the most challenging operating conditions. The main features of Badger’s hydrovac service include the ability to:

Hydrovac Capabilities – Badger Daylighting™
Dig safely around buried infrastructure - Badger Daylighting™
Dig in tough soil conditions - Badger Daylighting™
winter2 winter winter_new_img
Dig through frozen ground in conditions down to -40°F - Badger Daylighting™
deep deep2
Dig over 50’ deep - Badger Daylighting™
Dig over 600’ away from the hydrovac
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