Badger’s Hydrovac Excavation process incorporates pressurized water and a powerful vacuum to safely liquefy and remove soil cover from around buried infrastructure.

Water is injected into the ground through a handheld, and the resulting slurry is simultaneously extracted from the excavation by a powerful vacuum. The material is then pulled through a large diameter hose and stored in a debris tank on board the hydrovac.

The end result is an exposed, intact underground facility.

Some people call it Potholing, others call it Daylighting. Daylighting is a term used to describe the non-destructive locating and exposing of underground utilities and pipelines to daylight, hence the term daylighting.

Traditionally, the uncovering of buried lines has been completed by hand digging and, more recently, by air vacuum excavation. Badger Daylighting’s hydrovac excavation process is a non-destructive alternative that offers some compelling advantages over traditional methods.

Daylighting underground facilities is the primary hydrovac excavation application, but it’s not the only way Badger can add value to projects. Click here to learn about other common hydrovac applications.

Safety and productivity are two key benefits of Badger’s hydrovac process versus hand digging or air vacuum excavation.

Utility and pipeline damages cost time and money, and can endanger those in the vicinity. Studies have shown that hand excavation is responsible for more than 20% of all utility damages, whereas the hydrovac excavation process is designed to be non-destructive. Customers that choose to use Badger avoid damages and protect project margins.

In medium density soil conditions, Badger can expose a pipe or cable buried 4’ deep in less than 4 minutes, while the same task could take 40 minutes to complete by air vacuum excavation, or take hours to complete by hand digging.

Customers that choose to use Badger get more done in less time, thereby lowering costs and increasing project margins.

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