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Hydrovac excavation protects oil & gas pipeline infrastructure

The petroleum industry is very protective of the integrity of their pipelines and facilities as they transport millions of dollars worth of pressurized gas or crude oil to their production and refining facilities through a complicated network of oil and gas pipelines that stretch across North America.

In the early 90s Badger Hydrovacs began to be recognized by this industry for their safety benefits and cost effectiveness when working in built-up facilities and around pipelines. Today, many producers and contractors will specify that Hydrovac must perform any excavations around buried infrastructures. Badger’s commitment to safety, training, fleet size and oil patch experience makes it the natural choice to service the petroleum industry.

The industrial and petroleum industries place tremendous importance on safety and the integrity of underground infrastructure. Hand exposing or Hydrovac excavation is generally required prior to machine excavation.

For plant and facility maintenance, Badger Hydrovacs can provide peace of mind when excavating around high-pressure lines in tight, congested areas. Each Badger unit is manufactured for efficiency, thereby increasing production rates and lowering costs on most maintenance projects.

During new construction and installations, Hydrovacs can be used to expose pipeline crossings of conflicting facilities. Quite often, new plants or compressors are built on top of old facilities where the extent and location of underground lines is unknown. Slot trenching and pre-dug piling holes (up to 30 feet deep) can verify the existence, depth and orientation of buried infrastructure.

Badger Hydrovacs minimize costly incidents involving pipeline damage and worker safety. Our full-time Safety Advisors can assist companies with their Hydrovac policies and procedures and create responsible methods for excavating in potentially hazardous areas.

Badger’s extensive field experience in the industrial and petroleum industries is pulled from our numerous field offices and Hydrovac units across North America. Badger will continue to be a leader in this area by providing efficient, safe and cost-effective applications to challenging excavation projects.

Excavation Solutions – Badger Daylighting™


Exposing a manifold for maintenance work.

Oil & Gas Facility Client informed us that there were 7 pipelines – Badger
found 17.

Valve excavated and exposed by remote work 50 feet from the hydrovac.

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