Core Competencies

We do more than dig holes and trenches

Badger Daylighting builds each hydrovac unit in our 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Badger’s powerful hydrovacs are built specifically for excavating. Unlike traditional vacuum excavation equipment and backhoes, Badger units are more efficient and versatile when excavating around utilities. Badger’s in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing provide a unique advantage over the competition.

Invaluable field experience is constantly applied to the manufacturing and engineering process and improvements are implemented into the fleet on a continuous basis. Badger Hydrovacs can be custom-built and adapted to unique applications and terrain. As the demand for more hydrovacs increases, manufacturing can increase production to meet the demand. New units are being added to the fleet on a steady basis.

Our Core Competencies

Daylighting Expertise (Safety, Applications, Operation)
Since 1992, Badger has been the leading innovator in hydrovac excavation with safe, efficient, and cost-effective digging procedures. Badger continues to expand its knowledge base and distributes innovative solutions throughout its network of local offices for the benefit of the business and our customers.

Technology and Truck Development
Badger Hydrovac units today are the most productive and efficient vacuum excavators in the business. Invaluable field experience and feedback from customers helps Badger identify areas for improvement and continually evolve the technology, making it safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Badger has strengthened the design capabilities in our organization to ensure continuous improvement of our hydrovac units.

Distribution and Market Development
The controlled development of the North American market and service channels is important to achieving sustained growth. Badger’s organization has been established in a way that ensures the local characteristics of the markets are taken into consideration.

Fleet Management To maintain the operational effectiveness and durability of these assets, a Fleet Management Program was formulated and put into use.

Our Fleet of Hydrovac Excavators

Single axel truck-mounted vacuum hydrovac excavator
Single Axle UnitTandem-axel truck-mounted vacuum hydrovac excavator
Tandem AxleAll Terrain Vacuum Hydrovac Excavator
Tri-Axle UnitAll Terrain Vacuum Hydrovac Excavator
Quad-Axle Unit


Badger Daylighting’s excavating services are built on key strengths: Operational expertise, hydrovac technology development, distribution and marketing and fleet management. These four key areas of strength provide a sustainable competitive advantage in the general excavation marketplace and create value for our customers.

Core Competencies – Badger Daylighting™