The Badger Hydrovac

Badger Daylighting's mobile hydrovac excavation systems offer many advantages compared to traditional hydraulic powered trenching and excavation machines. Our excavator systems use water and vacuum technology to quickly and cleanly blast through dirt and rocks to expose pipeline, utility and electrical systems or to open the ground for future work. Digging trenches using general excavation techniques also poses potential safety hazards when excavating around buried gas lines and hydro utilities. The Badger Hydrovac provides a safe and non-destructive alternative to conventional backhoes or other mechanical means.

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What is Hydrovac or Hydro-Excavation?

Hydrovac or hydro-excavation uses high pressure water to loosen soil, rocks, clay, gravel and other debris or materials, while simultaneously being vacuumed or "sucked up" into a holding tank for later disposal. Hydro-excavation is sometimes called potholing or daylighting depending on what part of Canada or the USA it is being referenced.

The benefits of hydro-excavation have made it the premier excavation choice as a means of providing a non-destructive excavation and effective process to safely locate buried utilities and precisely unearth a designated zone without causing harm to or disturbing the surrounding area.